2018 APA Convention Recap

Highlights from the 2018 APA convention in San Francisco

Div. 28 Program Chair Michael Wesley, PhD, recaps a successful convention.
By Michael Wesley, PhD

The 126th Annual APA Convention was held in San Francisco on Aug. 9-12. Div. 28 collaborated with fourteen other divisions, four APA central groups and two NIH divisions. Our primary and secondary symposia focused on several relevant topics including opioids, cannabis/marijuana, nicotine/tobacco, psychedelics and alcohol. We participated in two collaborative poster sessions and two networking and social hours. Overall, the convention was a success.

Division 28 highlighted speakers included: B. Kaplan, J. Yates, K. Silverman, N. Williams, C.A. Hanlon, D.D. DeSouza, S. Davis, J.C. Strickland, M.N. Koffarnus, A. Huhn, K.M. Dumais, J.E. Joseph, E.D. London, E.D. Morris, R.R. Wetherill, J. Wiley, K.E. Hutchison, Z.D. Cooper, M.A. Ilgen, I. Grant, J. Henningfield, K.J. Jackson, N. Benowitz, S. Higgins, E.C. Donny, A. Villanti, D.K. Hatsukami, M.L. Stitzer, P.O. Coffin, A. Campbell, J.L. Sorensen, R. Vandrey, B. Moore, M. Smith, E. Pabon, M. Robinson, A.S. Weiner, J. Hah, V.W. Jackson, H. Poupore-King.


President Mark Smith, PhD (right), with the winner of the Outstanding Dissertation Award (Brent Kaplan, PhD, middle), and Kaplan’s postdoctoral mentor and nominator for this award, Mikhail Koffarnus, PhD (left).

Silverman Award

President Mark Smith, PhD (right), with the winner of the MED Associates Brady-Schuster Award (Kenneth Silverman, PhD, middle), and the nominator for this award, Stephen Higgins, PhD (left).

Yates Award

President Mark Smith, PhD (left), with the winner of the Young Psychopharmacologist Award (Justin Yates, PhD, right).