Div. 28 Archives

Div. 28 archives project update

Public and private Div. 28 archived material is now available to the membership.
By Justin Strickland

description As noted in this past summer’s Div. 28 newsletter, we have been working on developing a permanent, accessible and searchable archive that highlights the history of our division and the contributions to psychopharmacology and substance use specifically and psychological science broadly. We are pleased to announce that this project is now live. The public archive contains a variety of noteworthy documents, from past convention programs and annual reports to congressional briefings concerning the relevance of animal models of substance use and neurotoxicity testing for the safety of the American consumer.

We ask of you, members and friends of Div. 28, that if you have anything you believe should be added, to share these materials. Please contact Justin Strickland or Mark Smith with any items you may have or questions, and thank you in advance.