Candidate Statements

Statements from candidates for Div. 28 member-at-large

Eric Donny, PhD, and Matthew Kirkpatrick, PhD, are candidates for Div. 28 member-at-large.
By Eric Donny, PhD, and Matthew Kirkpatrick, PhD

Eric Donny, PhD Eric Donny, PhD

I appreciate the opportunity to run for member-At-large for Div. 28. I am a professor of physiology and pharmacology and social sciences and health policy and director of the Tobacco Control Center of Excellence at the Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center. Although trained as a health/biological psychologist, I consider myself a behavioral pharmacologist who is interested in translating basic and clinic research into effective public health and policy interventions.

My work utilizes a wide range of techniques from animal models to multi-site randomized clinical trials to understand the behavioral, pharmacological and neurobiological basis of tobacco addiction as well as the harms caused by tobacco products. My current interests focus on regulatory approaches to reducing the health burden of tobacco. I co-direct the Center for the Evaluation of Nicotine in Cigarettes, an NIDA/FDA-funded cooperative agreement that aims to increase understanding of how behavior and health might be affected if the nicotine content of cigarettes is greatly reduced. I have published over 100 scientific articles on nicotine, tobacco and addiction and served as PI or co-PI on numerous NIH grants. I was also honored to be names a fellow of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco and Div. 28 of the American Psychological Association in recent years. I have played an active role in leadership positions within SRNT (as program chair) and the Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science. 

I think my broad background and appreciate for a multidisciplinary approach puts me in a good position to serve the members of Div. 28.  as member-at-large, I would hope to continue to support efforts to grow Div. 28, promote rigorous and impactful science and facilitate training opportunities for new investigators. 

Matthew Kirkpatrick, PhD Matthew Kirkpatrick, PhD

I am honored to be a candidate for the member-at-large position for Div. 28. I am currently an assistant professor at the University of Southern California. My research uses human behavioral pharmacology methods to examine the complex bi-directional interactions among affective, cognitive and behavioral drug effects of several drugs including MDMA, methamphetamine, alcohol and nicotine and social settings and social functioning and how these interactions contribute to drug-taking behavior. My current work investigates individual differences in social functioning as a moderator of oxytocin-related therapeutic drug effects for tobacco smoking cessation. I am also investigating how interpersonal dynamics in romantic couples that smoke affect the success or failure of their smoking cessation attempts.

I have been involved with Div. 28 since I first attended APA’s convention as a graduate student in 2008. I truly value my membership in Div. 28, and I’m thankfully for the support that many of the other members have shown me throughout the development of my career, including awarding me the Young Psychopharmacologist Award in 2016. Div. 28 has directly benefited my career in several ways, and my goal is to now support the other division members as best I can. Thus, I’m running for member-at-large.

I am fully committed to further developing our field by mentoring a diverse population of students. If elected, my aim is to not only work to advance division objectives but also help to expand Div. 28’s student and regular membership by promoting diversity. I am excited about the opportunity to give back to the division by serving as member-at-large.