ECP Table of Contents: 2019, Volume 27, Issue 6 (December)

Recently published articles in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology®. 
By William Walton Stoops, PhD
  1. Repeated subcutaneous administration of PT150 has dose-dependent effects on sign tracking in male Japanese quail.
    Pages 515-521. 
    Rice, Beth Ann; Saunders, Meredith A.; Jagielo-Miller, Julia E.; Prendergast, Mark A.; Akins, Chana K.
  2. Mummy, daddy, and addiction: Implicit insecure attachment is associated with substance use in college students.
    Pages 522-529. 
    Serra, Wilfried; Chatard, Armand; Tello, Nina; Harika-Germaneau, Ghina; Noël, Xavier; Jaafari, Nemathollah.
  3. Recovery dialects: A pilot study of stigmatizing and nonstigmatizing label use by individuals in recovery from substance use disorders.
    Pages 530-535. 
    Ashford, Robert D.; Brown, Austin M.; Ashford, Arielle; Curtis, Brenda.
  4. Smoking abstinence symptoms across 67 days compared with randomized controls—Moderation by nicotine replacement therapy, bupropion, and negative-affect traits.
    Pages 536-551. 
    Gilbert, David G.; Rabinovich, Norka E.; Gilbert-Matuskowitz, Elizabeth A.; Klein, Keith P.; Pergadia, Michele L.
  5. Pack-years of tobacco cigarette smoking as a predictor of spontaneous pain reporting and experimental pain reactivity.
    Pages 552-560. 
    De Vita, Martin J.; Maisto, Stephen A.; Ansell, Emily B.; Zale, Emily L.; Ditre, Joseph W.
  6. A randomized controlled trial of contingency management for smoking abstinence versus contingency management for shaping cessation: One-year outcome.
    Pages 561-568. 
    Secades-Villa, Roberto; López-Núñez, Carla; Weidberg, Sara; González-Roz, Alba; Alonso-Pérez, Fernando.
  7. Anxiety sensitivity and smoking outcome expectancies among Spanish-speaking Latinx adult smokers.
    Pages 569-577. 
    Zvolensky, Michael J.; Bakhshaie, Jafar; Shepherd, Justin M.; Garey, Lorra; Peraza, Natalia; Viana, Andres G.; Brown, Jason T.; Brown, Richard A.
  8. Assessing attentional bias and inhibitory control in cannabis use disorder using an eye-tracking paradigm with personalized stimuli.
    Pages 578-587. 
    Yoon, Jin H.; San Miguel, Guadalupe G.; Vincent, Jessica N.; Suchting, Robert; Haliwa, Ilana; Weaver, Michael F.; Schmitz, Joy M.; Lane, Scott D.
  9. An exact solution for unit elasticity in the exponential model of operant demand.
    Pages 588-597. 
    Gilroy, Shawn P.; Kaplan, Brent A.; Reed, Derek D.; Hantula, Donald A.; Hursh, Steven R.
  10. The effect of economy type on heroin and saccharin essential value.
    Pages 598-608. 
    Gunawan, Tommy; Tripoli, Christopher S.; Silberberg, Alan; Kearns, David N.