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APA Div. 3 (Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science)  represents the interests and concerns of psychologists whose principal area of study or research lies within the field of general experimental psychology. Several specific goals of the division have been established, including the promotion of basic experimental research, the transmission of this research and its theoretical bases to students, the facilitation of information exchange among the division members, the enhancement of interdisciplinary relationships and the support and development of the scientific core of psychology.


  • Promote research and teaching in the general field of experimental psychology and its many subdisciplines.
  • Stimulate the exchange of information among its members and with other sciences.
  • Support experimental psychology — and the science of psychology more broadly — through research, advocacy, education and training, service, policy, leadership in APA governance and collaboration with APA's directorates.

Our members do basic and applied research in varied settings on topics covered by the five flagship Journals of Experimental Psychology. We enthusiastically welcome members who do experimental work in any area of psychology.


One of the ways that the division attempts to meet these goals is through its participation in the APA Annual Convention. Each year a committee is established by the division to coordinate this program so that the most recent and interesting research in the field can be presented to the members. Divisional offerings at the meeting consist of papers submitted by members, invited addresses by leading psychologists in this domain, and organized symposia, which focus on an interchange between researchers active in the same area. Topics covered tend to be diverse, but may include areas such as neuropsychology, decision making, artificial intelligence, auditory and visual perception, and cognitive processes. In addition to the program organized by the divisional committee, other offerings are often co-sponsored with other divisions.


Because the geographical distribution of division members is quite wide, communication at times other than at the annual meeting must occur through regular mailings to the membership. These mailings have been formalized in a newsletter, which is distributed several times each year. The newsletter contains information about current scientifically related activities, association events that are relevant to the members and updates on various issues of concern to experimental psychology. The newsletter is distributed via email.

Date created: 2016

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