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News about the accomplishments of Div. 3 members.
Sarah Brosnan, PhD Sarah Brosnan, PhD 
Congratulations to Sarah Brosnan for winning the Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award from the College of Arts and Sciences of Georgia State University.
David Alan Washburn, PhD David Alan Washburn, PhD
David Alan Washburn was honored by Georgia State University with its 2016 Faculty Exceptional Service Award. Congratulations, David.
Karen Hollis, PhD Karen Hollis, PhD
Karen Hollis, Div. 3 past president, as recipient of the Comparative Cognition Society Master Research Award, gave the master lecture at the 2016 Annual Conference on Comparative Cognition in Melbourne, Florida.
Frank Farley, PhD Frank Farley, PhD
Frank Farley, PhD, Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science (SEPCS) Executive Committee member and L.H.Carnell Professor, Temple University, is current president of APA Div. 48 (The Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence). As part of Div. 48’s program at the APA convention in Denver, he is having conversation hours in a three-hour “Mountain Marathon” on Thursday, Aug. 4, with Albert Bandura, Aaron T. Beck and Noam Chomsky. He will be discussing moral disengagement with Bandura; hate and violence with Beck; and peace, conflict and politics with Chomsky. Each is preeminent in their field—Bandura/psychologist, Beck/psychiatrist and Chomsky/public intellectual. Bandura recently received the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest recognition for scientific achievement. Another presidential initiative on Farley’s list is the National Violence Summit, which he is organizing for late fall, bringing together a relatively small group of outstanding leaders in the various areas of violence research and scholarship, to seek a blueprint for reducing violence to be presented to the new occupant of the White House. Farley invites SEPCS members to email suggestions for participants in this summit.