Collaboration Corner

Psychology of Language Video Series

Submit to the Psychology of Language Video Series, which features brief talks by highly productive scholars in the field.

By Sara Incera, PhD, and Conor T. McLennan

Colleagues, we would like to draw your attention to the Psychology of Language Video Series and request new submissions. This series, funded in part by the Association for Psychological Science Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science, consists of 10 brief talks that are widely accessible from highly productive researchers in the field. The video series, which we put together in the Language Research Laboratory at Cleveland State University (CSU), is freely accessible through the CSU Department of Psychology YouTube channel. To increase the impact of the series, and thereby maximize the purpose of the funding initiative, we encourage you to share the video series widely.

The speakers in our series—in order of the dates of their talks, which were recorded between Nov. 13, 2015 and May 9, 2016—are Timothy Jay, PhD; Victor Ferreira, PhD; Michael Vitevitch, PhD; Fernanda Ferreira, PhD; Ellen Bialystok, PhD; Jennifer Pardo, PhD; David Matsumoto, PhD; Phillip Hamrick, PhD; Susan Goldin-Meadow, PhD; and David Pisoni, PhD.

Moving forward, we would like researchers who have published work related to the psychology of language to email us their short videos so we can continue to update the series with the latest research in the field. We request that all videos are limited to 15 minutes or less, avoid jargon, and are easy to understand. All videos that we believe are suitable for the series will be added to our page. The goal is to make our science accessible to everyone in a fun and engaging way. We hope you enjoy the series—and we look forward to receiving your video in the near future!