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The Largest Committee in Our Society

Who are you willing to commit to contacting on behalf of the division?

By David Washburn, PhD

I am pleased to serve again this year as membership chair for Div. 3, but what does that really mean? The bylaws of the Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science do not specify a standing committee on membership, although each president can, of course, appoint committees and chairs as they deem necessary. So one might argue that I chair a committee with only one member. At least our meetings are easy to schedule.

In truth, however, the membership chair serves on the largest committee in Div. 3. It is, in reality, exactly the same size as the division itself is.

No scholarly organization will grow if recruitment is the responsibility of only a few appointees. Remember why you originally joined the Society? Was it because of the activities of a formal  membership committee? Or did an advisor, a colleague or some other Div. 3 member encourage you to join the organization?

Each of us “serves” on the membership and recruitment committee of our Society, and as such, no one is better positioned than you are to contact your students, your colleagues and your other associates on behalf of SEPCS. Ultimately, the growth and future of our Society depend on each of us. As chairperson of our membership committee, I ask, “Who are you willing to commit to contacting on behalf of the Society?” Who will join Div. 3 in 2016 as a result  of your encouragement? To help you in your recruitment efforts, a print-and-share flyer is included in this Newsletter.

Thank you for your service on the SEPCS membership committee.

If you have questions or suggestions, or want to communicate the names of any individuals you have attempted to recruit (whether or not they decided to join), please email us.

Copy and distribute our pipeline-flyer (PDF, 250KB).