SEPCS Pipeline Scholars

Celebrate our fall 2016 SEPCS Pipeline Scholars.

By David Washburn, PhD

Congratulations to our fall 2016 SEPCS Pipeline Scholars. Look below for information on how to nominate the undergraduate scholars that you work with.

Are you working with promising undergraduate students who:

  • Are actively involved in research, as evidenced, for instance, by participation in an undergraduate research conference, completion of honors Theses, or co-authoring research reports for publication?
  • Intend to pursue graduate training in experimental psychology, cognitive sciences, or related areas?

Nominate outstanding undergraduate students in psychology, neuroscience, or related disciplines with research interest in experimental psychology for recognition as SEPCS Pipeline Scholars.  If nominated and approved, these students will receive a certificate from the Society and will be added to the distribution list for announcements, newsletters, opportunities, and other information. SEPCS Pipeline Scholars can include the recognition from the Society on their CVs and graduate-school applications, and will be encouraged to join the Society as graduate-student affiliates when they become eligible.

Any member or fellow of Div. 3 is eligible to nominate one or more undergraduate students for this honor by emailing a brief statement of recommendation for each nominee.  Each nomination should include the student's CV (including name, affiliation, address, email), and a brief summary of the student's qualifications (e.g., research activities, GPA, graduate-study plans). Nominations will be reviewed and students will be contacted by email.

The SEPCS Pipeline Scholars Program is designed to recognized outstanding students in any area of experimental psychology and to provide information and mentoring that will help these developing scholars to succeed in gaining admission to doctoral study, to thrive in graduate study, and to build productive careers as SEPCS members. Nominations of students from underrepresented minority groups are particularly encouraged.

Contact SEPCS Pipeline for more information or to nominate students.