Distinguished Contributions to Professional Hypnosis

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of clinical hypnosis.

Sponsor: Div. 30

Awardees receive a plaque at the APA convention, and recipients are invited to address the audience on any topic of their choice.
How to Apply
Training, education, theoretical innovations, clinical research and clinical scholarship should be considered in the nominations for this award.
Past Recipients

2022: No award given
2021: No award given
2020: No award given
2019: David R. Patterson, PhD
2018: Mark P. Jensen, PhD
2017: Eric K. Willmarth 
2016: James R. Council, PhD
2015: Ronald J. Pekala, PhD
2014: Joseph P. Green, PhD
2013: Irving Kirsch
2012: Michael Yapko
2011: Antonio Capafons
2010: Guy Montgomery
2009: Marianne Barabasz
2008: Roger Page, John Chaves & Helen Crawford
2007: Steven Lynn
2006: Lynn Hornyak
2005: Nicholas Covino
2004: Stanley Krippner
2003: David Spiegel
2001: Alan Sheflin
1999: Herbert Spiegel
1995: Eugene Levitt
1994: Erika Fromm

Date created: 2014