Society of Psychological Hypnosis Committees

The following are committees that provide governance and project management for the functions of the society.

Program Committee

The chair of the program committee is responsible for division related events at the APA convention. The program chair distributes the “Call for Papers” and is responsible for evaluating submissions, notifying participants of acceptance, scheduling presentations, and ensuring a well-organized convention program.

Awards Committee

The past-past president (the individual that served as president two administrations prior) of the division automatically becomes the chair of the Awards Committee. This person serves as chair of both the Distinguished Awards Committee (with work being completed primarily in the fall) and the Convention Awards Committee (with work primarily being done across the two months leading up to the APA convention). Each of these committees should consist of at least three members including the chair. It is particularly important that high ranking division members (fellows of the division, executive committee members or other long-standing members) comprise the Distinguished Awards Committee.

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training plans and organizes the division workshops for upcoming APA conventions. This includes securing guest presenters. The primary responsibilities of the education & training chairperson include developing and maintaining policies and procedures for providing continuing education.

Legislation Committee

One goal for the committee is to conduct activities that will allow the division to interface with the Practice Directorate section on Legal and Regulatory Affairs. The legislation committee is comprised of the chair and any committee members that have expressed interest in the work of the committee and a desire to be a formal part of it. Members are appointed by the chair. The legislation committee focuses on aspects of state or federal legislation that might impact psychology, specifically hypnosis. The chair of the legislation committee serves to direct the work of the committee.

Nominations Committee

According to the bylaws, the chair of the nominations committee will not be an elected position as it was in the past; rather, the past president of the division will serve as the chair. In addition, the chair will select one or two members or fellows of the division to serve on this committee. Typically, this has included members who have been active in the division over a long period and served on the executive committee and thus are aware of the division’s current needs and are in the best position to make recommendations regarding potential candidates.

Ethics Committee

The primary function of the Ethics and Conduct Committee is to advise and counsel interested persons on general issues of policy matters and concerns. It does not consider complaints about specific individuals and their behavior. Rather, any persons bringing such complaints or concerns should be encouraged to contact the APA ethics office directly, and/or the appropriate governing body. In other words, the committee is not a conduit to the APA committee for complaints against specific individuals, and such complaints should not be directed through Div. 30. Unsolicited, written concerns about individuals should be returned to the complaining person (or destroyed) along with the encouragement that they contact the APA ethics office directly.

Fellows Committee

The chairperson of the Fellows Committee accepts nominations for Fellowships in the Division, d sends to the nominees the following: (1) a uniform fellow blank; (2) a request for supporting material (e.g., vita, referenced publications, etc.); (3) three endorsement blanks (written within the last twelve months); (4) a request for any other supporting documentation; (5) a request for a nominee self-statement defending the nomination. Additionally, reminders are sent out when there are missing components of a package. Fellows’ nominations should be received by the chair by Dec. 16.

The Fellows Committee develops a consensus on nominations. The nomination(s) and all supporting data are to be sent to the APA Member Services Committee. By a 2002 E.C. vote, it was decided that: (1) the committee consist of a minimum of three members; (2) that they all are to be fellows of Div. 30 as well as Fellows of APA. This is to be regarded as an established practice.

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee chair receives inquiries from APA members and student affiliates regarding membership in Div. 30, and responds by sending an application for membership. Some inquiries are made directly to APA, and are forwarded to the Member Services Committee chair for response. Upon receiving the completed application form, the chair forwards the names and APA numbers of APA members who are joining the division to the APA Office of Division Services. Membership fees are forwarded to the division treasurer. Since APA does not keep records of student affiliates, names of new student affiliates of the division are forwarded to the editor of the Div. 30 newsletter (Psychological Hypnosis).

The Member Services Committee chair also responds to inquiries from the APA Central Office regarding activities of the division, and to a range of member and student affiliate inquiries regarding the field of hypnosis. Every year the Member Services Committee chair will survey designees from the division and provide a report at the Outgoing Executive Committee meeting. The Member Services chair is also responsible for issuing membership certificates to new members. The Member Services Committee chair serves a 3-year term.

Federal Advocacy Coordinator

The Federal Advocacy coordinator (FAC) is affiliated with the Legislation Committee. The FAC attends the annual State and Leadership Conference (SLC) in Washington and lobbies congress. The FAC also networks with other FAC’s, state associations, and divisions within APA. The FAC serves as liaison between Div. 30 and state associations as well as other divisions of APA. Announcements related to legislation are posted by the FAC to the Div. 30 Listserv.


Listserv Coordinators (Div. 30 has two listserv coordinators.)

  • The E.C. listserv coordinator is responsible for regulation and moderation of the Executive Committee listserv and the Committee listserv.
  • The Membership listserv coordinator is responsible for regulation and moderation of the members’ listserv. If you are a member of Div. 30 and would like to be included in the members’ listserv, please send an email to the present Membership listserv coordinator, John Mohl, PhD.


The webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining Div. 30's website. If you detect any inaccuracies or would like to suggest content, please contact the present webmaster, David Godot, PsyD.

Date created: 2014
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