Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Div. 30 consists of the president, president-elect, past president, secretary, treasurer, three members-at-large and the representative(s) to council. Only these elected members may vote in any official decision-making of the division. The by-laws mandate a number of standing committees and allow for the existence of any number of other committees at the discretion of the president and the Executive Committee. If you are interested in running for office please view the job description (PDF, 25KB) of each officer.

Executive Committee Officers


John Mohl, PhD (2018-19)


Joe Green, PhD (2018-19)

Nominations Chair (Past President) 

Guy Montgomery, PhD (2018-19) (Acting)


David Godot, PsyD (2016-18)


Steve Eichel, PhD (2017-19)


Eric Willmarth (2018-19) (Acting)
Len Milling, PhD (2018-20)
Scott Hoye, PsyD (2019-21)

APA Council Representative 

Donald Moss, PhD (2018-20)

Other Chairs and Appointments

Awards Chair (Past Past President)

Ciara C. Christensen, PhD (2018-19)

Program Chairperson(s)

Michael Quant

Student Representatives to the Executive Committee/Program

Kristen Ricondo

Membership Chair

Scott Hoye, PsyD (2016-19)

Fellows Chair

Donald Moss, PhD

Ethics Committee Chair

Omar Sanchez-Armass, PhD

Policy and Procedures Chair

Joe Green, PhD (2018-19)


Policy & Procedures

All committee members should print and read the Policy and Procedures Manual (PDF, 575KB) for the upcoming service year. All committee members should refer to the P&P for guidelines on how to perform the duties of their respective positions.

The division would like to give special thanks to Joe Green, PhD, for his efforts in maintaining the P&P manual.

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