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Continuing Education Opportunities in Hypnosis

The purpose of this page is to inform psychologists about upcoming continuing education (CE) workshops in hypnosis presented by sponsors who are approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to provide continuing education for psychologists. Each APA-approved sponsor maintains responsibility for its programs. With the exception of workshops specifically sponsored by Div. 30, presentation of this information is in no way to be considered an endorsement of any workshop by Div. 30.

Continuing education workshops sponsored by the Society of Psychological Hypnosis - Div. 30 of APA:

For information on CE opportunities sponsored by Div. 30, please contact the chair of our Education and Training Committee:

Eric K. Willmarth, PhD 
4100 Lake Dr. S.E.
Suite 305
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: (616) 776-9878

Many of the CEs offered by Div. 30 are offered at no charge to members of the division.  All Div. 30 members subscribed to the Div. 30 email list will be notified of upcoming CEs.

Other CE opportunities in hypnosis:
  • CE workshops sponsored by the APA
  • CE workshops sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH): ASCH offers workshops providing training in hypnosis at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels several times every year at various locations. For information and/or to register for ASCH's upcoming continuing education workshops in hypnosis, call (630) 980-4740.
  • Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH)
    305 Commandants Way - Commoncove Suite 100
    Chelsea, MA 02150-4057
    Phone: (617) 744-9857
    Fax: (413) 451-0668
  • The Milton H. Erickson Foundation: For information about CE opportunities, call (602) 956-6196
  • New England Educational Institute: For information about upcoming workshops, call (413) 499-1489
  • Harvard Medical School: For more information, call (617) 975-3664
  • West Virginia University: For more information, call Marion Kostka, EdD, workshop coordinator, at (304) 293-4431
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine: For information about upcoming workshops, call (888) 394-9293
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association: For information about upcoming workshops and registration information, call Marti Evans at (717) 232-3817
  • Michael D. Yapko, PhD: Yapko offers clinical trainings in hypnosis and strategic interventions in a unique 100-hour, tri-phase format. For a detailed description and more information contact Diane Yapko or at (760) 402-9100.
Date created: 2014
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