Our newsletter, Psychological Hypnosis, is published tri-annually for Div. 30 members.

What you as a member can expect to find in Div. 30′s newsletter, Psychological Hypnosis.

  • Minutes from Div. 30 Executive Committee meetings at the APA convention.
  • Call for papers for next years convention.
  • Call for nominations.
  • Abstracts of award winning papers from immediate past convention.
  • Reports on the Div. 30 Midwinter Executive Committee meetings.
  • Div. 30 convention program which is printed as a pull-out section that members can bring to the convention.
  • Several regular features including, but not limited to:
    From the Editor’s Desk – commentary.
    Science/Practice Interface – reports of clinically relevant uses of hypnosis.
    Pioneers – contributions by pioneers in the field of hypnosis.
    Presidential Column – comments by the president of Div. 30.
    Notes and News – announcements of interest to Div. 30 members.
    Special Features – one or two features appear in each volume. These articles have been initiated by the editor or by members and have included a clinical case conference with expert commentary and invited main papers.

Psychological Hypnosis Submission Guidelines

Manuscript length is between 1,000-2,000 words and shorter articles or comments are 500-750 words. Please include in your manuscript your references properly formatted in APA style. Submit your article or comments in Microsoft Word version 2003 (no docx format) double-spaced. Include the affiliation of the author(s) and the contact information for the lead author. Please send manuscripts electronically to the newsletter editor, Michael Quant

Submission deadlines for Psychological Hypnosis

Feb. 15 (winter/spring)
May 15 (summer)
Sept. 25 (fall)

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