2021 President’s Message

kathleen-ashton Div. 31 has long been home to outstanding state leaders, and increasingly is playing a strong role in connecting these leaders to APA initiatives. In practice, state psychological associations are crucial to identifying regional trends including threats to scope of practice, reimbursement and insurance issues, and legislative advocacy needed at the state level.   

Stands Against Racism and Discrimination and Commitments to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Div. 31 has created a statement against racism and discrimination. Various SPTAs have also published how they are thinking, feeling, and doing in their stands against racism and discrimination, and how they support listening to their members. Along with their stands, many SPTAs have provided resources that are founded upon empirical support.

State Toolkit for Integrated Care

This toolkit serves as a resource to members seeking to develop integrated care practices in their state. It is a compilation of the best materials created by states.

Outstanding Advocacy Leaders

Monica Kurylo, PhD, a member of Divs. 31 and 38, recently was appointed to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. She has excelled throughout her career. This interview highlights her career as well as changes in health care as she sees it. She offers guidance to students and early career psychologists about how to move into leadership positions.

Benefits of Div. 31 Membership

Membership in Div. 31 has many benefits and include working with SPTAs to advance the profession and to promote the highest standards of ethics, accesssing the division’s email list which allows you to network with members and discuss issues of concern to students, and obtaining mentorship and opportunities for entry into APA governance.

APA 2021

View highlights of the divisional programming at this year's APA 2021 virtual conference in the Div. 31 APA 2021 convention program (PDF, 260KB).


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