Advocacy in Division 31

Division 31 engages in advocacy for psychology at both the federal and state levels. 

At the federal level, Division 31 takes part in the federal advocacy network maintained by the APA Practice Organization in partnership with the state psychological associations. As part of this network, Division 31 has a Federal Advocacy Coordinator (FAC). Division members receive notifications of Action Alerts from the APA Practice Organization’s Government Relations department from the FAC, and respond to these in concert with the federal advocacy network of SPTAs. The FAC also updates members on the status of the APAPO’s Congressional initiatives.

Division 31’s President and President-Elect are invited to the APAPO State Leadership Conference every year, in recognition of their leadership positions in national and state level advocacy, along with the FAC. Division 31 presents two of its major awards at this advocacy training event. 

Many Division 31 members are experienced and active participants in state level advocacy for psychology through their SPTAs. Uniquely among other Divisions of APA, Division 31 recognizes expertise and accomplishments in state level advocacy through its nominations of APA Fellows and its Awards program. As the Division for all the SPTAs, Division 31 recognizes the importance of the fact that scope of practice for the professions is legislated at the state, provincial, and territorial levels. Therefore the Division undertakes a variety of ways to provide mentoring support, networking, and training to members doing advocacy in their states, provinces, and territories.


Cynthis Sturm, PhD, Division 31 Federal Advocacy Coordinator