Students and Early Career Psychologists

Div. 31 is focused on the future of psychology.

Hello and welcome to the Graduate Student/Early Career Psychologists (S/ECP) section of Div. 31’s website. My name is Nikki Frederick, and I am currently a sixth-year doctoral candidate in the PhD program in clinical psychology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in California. Presently, I am serving as Div. 31’s Student Task Force chair and am excited about the wonderful advocacy work being done by our division.

This website will serve to assist you in your involvement in your State, Provisional, and Territorial Psychological Association (SPTA). Additionally, this site will serve as a forum for the dissemination of information, suggestions, support and ideas to aid in your participation in your respective psychological associations. This is an opportunity for members and leaders of state psychological associations to join together and share suggestions, resources and feedback for the enhancement of associations as a whole. Both individuals looking to start a student psychological association, as well as those in well-established professional organizations will find this site helpful in their state association’s development.

If you are not a member of your SPTA, be sure to join today. Your involvement in SPTAs enables you to become involved in important statewide legislative advocacy, participate in professional programs and conventions, network with fellow students and professionals, discuss psychological practice issues and voice issues that are unique to the student and early career psychologist. Involvement in SPTAs also provides an opportunity to network with experienced psychologists, which can lead to collaborations on research, publication and practice.

Div. 31 serves to assist all students and early career psychologists in their endeavors in psychological association involvement. We also have an email list for students who are members of Div. 31 where we can share ideas and information as we seek to continually better ourselves and our field. Please email me to join the email list. As the future of our profession, we have the wonderful opportunity to represent our interests through our professional organizations and now is the best time to get started.

Div. 31 is looking forward to a productive and informative year. If you are interested in joining an SPTA and have questions or you have ideas that will enhance students and early career psychologists involvement and initiatives, I encourage you to contact me with any ideas or suggestions.


Nikki Frederick, MA
Chair, APA Div. 31 Student Task Force