Diversity Leadership Development Training Program Fund

The primary purpose of the Diversity Leadership Development Training Program Fund is to provide leadership development training with the goal of assisting diversity delegates advance into leadership positions within their SPTA and APA.


Sponsor: Division 31


The Diversity Leadership Development Training Program Fund was established through the initiative of Jennifer Kelly, PhD, a past president of Div. 31. It was initiated, fostered, and supported (by fundraising and personal contributions) by Kelly. The primary purpose of the fund is to provide leadership development training with the goal of assisting diversity delegates advance into leadership positions within their SPTA and APA. The goals of the leadership development workshop are to:

  1. explore leadership styles and impact of behavioral style on others

  2. provide knowledge/information needed to facilitate movement into leadership positions within the SPTA

  3. address readiness/confidence in moving into leadership positions

  4. address the manner in which being a minority fits into this context

Kelly has obtained long-term funding from CEMRRAT. Div. 31 will continue to be the home of this successful training program. Many of its participants have advanced in leadership positions in their STPAs and APA since their participation in the program. The workshop will occur every other year, the day prior to the State Leadership Conference (SLC).


Applicants for diversity delegates at the SLC, as well as those who will be funded by their SPTA, are invited to apply for the leadership development workshop. Preference will be given to those individuals enthusiastic about moving into SPTA governance and have not yet held a high-level elected office in their SPTA. Please note that application for this workshop does not interfere with participation as a diversity delegate at the SLC.

How to Apply

The annual submission deadline is Nov. 1

The executive director of the SPTA should submit the following information about the candidate:

  • current curriculum vitae

  • statement of interest describing the candidate’s participation in leadership within the SPTA and/or interest in moving into governance of the SPTA

Proposals must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Submission deadlines:  The annual deadline for the award is 4:30 p.m. E.T. on November 1. Please send the proposals to Jennifer Kelly.

Award:  Awards for complete reimbursement of travel costs to the SLC will be granted every other year. Awards will be announced in January of the year funding would be provided. Awards are intended to be used to support or assist applicants in covering expenses related to their travel.

Duties:  Those selected to participate in the workshop are expected to provide annual updates about how they have applied their skills learned at SLC. They are also expected to write an article about the experience and outcomes. The article will be posted at the Div. 31 website. The annual reports and article must be submitted to the chair of the Diversity Task Force of Div. 31.

Past Recipients







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