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Membership Committee

This committee promotes membership recruitment with an active effort to reach out to all psychologists to participate in our division. In addition to individual membership, Division 31 is the only division with State, Provincial and Territorial Association (SPTA) membership. Therefore recruitment efforts are at two levels. Division 31 provides a community of leadership, mentoring and advocacy for you and your SPTA to interact, share resources, and develop working relationships with other SPTAs. We have a special interest in recruiting and developing early career psychologists (ECPs) and students who are leaders or aspiring leaders in their SPTA or APA. The membership committee’s main initiative is the development of the Leadership and Advocacy Mentoring Program.

Chair:  Dinelia Rosa (January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2013)

Members:  Andy Benjamin, Shannon Kellogg, Cheryl Lamin, and Sarah Honaker   


Send email to Sarah Honaker, Division 31 Early Career Representative for more information.

Date created: 2011