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Most successful psychologists say they had a mentor who guided them and inspired them in their leadership path. Who mentored you in developing your leadership role in APA?

Div. 31 is enthusiastically seeking ways to pass on the mentorship experience to motivated early career psychologists. We are implementing a new Leadership Mentoring Program, and need Mentors like you. This project is a joint initiative of your president and president-elect.

Please join our program! Volunteer to work with one early career psychologist from your jurisdiction to develop their skills for State, Provincial, and National leadership and advocacy positions. The leadership of the division believes that early career psychologists would join our division if they are promised the support to:

  • create and implement initiatives about jurisdiction relevant issues

  • sharpen skills and engage in advocacy

  • ascend to leadership positions

  • gain support in winning election to governance offices 

Please volunteer and honor whoever invited and supported your emergence as a leader. Help maintain the vitality of our profession.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a mentor to an ECP, please contact Andy Benjamin, JD, PhD.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

Janet Matthews, PhD, ABPP
President, Div. 31

Date created: 2011
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