Diversity Task Force

The task force comprises Dinelia Rosa (chair), Abimbola Farinde, Andy Benjamin, Connie Paul, Erica Wise, Kamieka Gabriel, Karen Cone-Uemura, Mera Kachgal, Michael Ranney, Michi Fu, Nanci Klein, Sallie Hildebrandt and Takako Suzuki.


Diversity Handbook: A summary of state initiatives that have been utilized successfully in various SPTA's. Much of the information was obtained from the 2003 to 2005 Diversity Initiatives of the Committee of State Leaders (CSL).


Div. 31 provides funding and recognition to support the realization of multicutural competency for all. 
Diversity Leadership Development Training Program Fund 
The primary purpose of this fund is to provide leadership development training with the goal of assisting diversity delegates advance into leadership positions within their SPTA and APA. 
Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund 
This fund was created to provide financial assistance to support graduate student research projects in honor of Dr. Sullivan's work with APA and SPTAs and his commitment to diversity and inclusion. 
SPTA Diversity Award 
This award recognizes innovation, accomplishment and ongoing activities related to diversity in membership, governance and leadership and programming. 


Chair:  Dinelia Rosa, PhD


Division 31 membership