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State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs. (2021, March 15). Diversity handbook. American Psychological Association.

As president of Div. 31, it is my pleasure to provide you with this handbook. The handbook was conceptualized in 2005, under the presidency of Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD. Div. 31 has maintained a commitment to increasing diversity within SPTAs and APA. As part of this commitment, we are providing you with this handbook.

The primary goal of the Diversity Initiative of the Committee of State Leaders has been to involve more ethnic minority psychologists in membership and leadership positions in SPTAs. The initiative has continued to grow since 2000, which was when SPTAs were invited to nominate ethnic minority psychologists for funded participation in the State Leadership Conference. Since its inception, the Diversity Initiative has grown in terms of participation of delegates and the inclusion of the initiative within psychological associations. Many of the delegates are now being funded by their own SPTA. In addition, many of the delegates have been elected to office within their SPTA.

The 2003-2009 diversity delegates and the diversity subcommittee of the Committee of State Leaders provided updates of the diversity initiatives within their SPTA. Much of the information obtained in this handbook was obtained from these reports. The initial handbook was presented to diversity delegates in 2005 and has been on the Div. 31 website as a resource to SPTAs and divisions as they begin to develop and expand their initiative.

This revision includes information presented after 2005, in addition to information prior to that time. It is hoped that Div. 31 and all SPTAs will utilize this information in developing and meeting goals for the diversity initiative within their SPTA.

Div. 31 is very grateful to the Committee on State Leaders and APA for allowing us to use their resources. I would also like to express my thanks to Cathy McDaniels Wilson for organizing this revision.

Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD 
President, APA Division 31 
February 2009

Last updated: March 2021Date created: February 2009