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Early Career Psychologist Task Force

The Div. 31 Early Career Psychologist Task Force promotes the building of leadership and advocacy skills among psychologists across North America. The primary mission of the task force is to publish timely blogs about emerging issues affecting early career psychologists.


The Early Career Psychologist Blog features submissions from task force members about emerging issues related to building leadership and advocacy skills for early career psychologists. The submissions are pithy, easy to read, and cite other relevant literature. The blog is public and engages the psychology audience outside of Div. 31.


Chair:  Lindsey Buckman, PsyD  
Members: Carla Bradshaw, PhD; Sarah Morsbach Honaker, PhD; G. Andrew H. Benjamin, JD, PhD, ABPP; Rich Martielli, PhD, ABPP; Troy Ertelt, PhD

Date created: 2012
Division 31 membership