Treasurer’s report

The Div. 31 budget has remained stable for the past two years.

By Nanci C. Klein, PhD

I am pleased to report that the Div. 31 budget has remained stable over the past two years, and it is projected to remain so for 2016. At present, Div. 31 has two years of reserves in savings.

I have also been reviewing the performance of Div. 31’s investment portfolio in light of the current economic picture. I will be making recommendations to the Div. 31 Board of Directors at the August meeting to update the division’s investment strategy.

As of March 2016, 39 state psychological associations, one territorial psychological association and four provincial psychological associations have renewed membership in Div. 31. This represents more than 77 percent of SPTAs having renewed within the first quarter of 2016. It would appear that the division could potentially achieve 100 percent membership support from SPTAs for 2016. 

The current stable financial status of Div. 31 is key to maintaining the division’s initiatives for providing useful resources, services and benefits to all SPTAs as well as advocacy for SPTA and state issues within the evolving governance structure of APA.