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Karl F. Heiser Presidential Award winners announced

Congratulations to our award recipients.

By Thomas J. DeMaio, PhD

Div. 31, which oversees the Karl F. Heiser Presidential Award for Advocacy, is pleased to announce that there are seven awardees this year.

The awardees are:

  • Kevin Arnold, PhD, from Ohio
  • Elizabeth Campbell, PhD, from Florida
  • Gregorio Febbraro, PhD
  • Elizabeth Lonning, PsyD
  • Brenda J. Payne, PhD, from Iowa
  • Chris Morrison, PhD
  • Dinelia Rosa, PhD, from New York

All of the awardees made significant legislative or regulatory changes in their states. The Iowa psychologists succeeded in passing a prescription privileges bill.

They will be awarded their Heiser awards at the APA convention in Denver on Saturday, Aug.6, at 10 a.m., in the Hyatt Regency Denver hotel Capitol Ballroom 5. All are welcome to attend the ceremony; refreshments will be served. This will the 24th annual presentation of the Heiser award. There are close to 500 psychologists who have now been honored by this award. These awardees are the psychologists who have succeeded in moving the profession forward in their state or province. Because of them we have advancement in licensure, freedom of choice, Medicare, Medicaid, mandatory mental health/substance abuse coverage, civil commitment, hospital practice and prescriptive authority.