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SPTAs Diversity Committees' updates

ShoPTAlk and diversity updates cover state activities.

By Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, ABPP

In 2013, the Missouri Psychological Association (MOPA) Diversity Committee consisted of one member, Keisha Ross, PhD, who also served as diversity delegate at the State Leadership Conference (SLC). In 2014, Christi Moore, PhD, joined the committee and served as the diversity delegate at SLC in 2015 as well as co-chairperson of the committee. We currently have two individuals of color serving on MOPA's Executive Board—Moore as secretary and Ross as president-elect. MOPA's Diversity Committee has grown to have a solid six members who implement the majority of planning and programming. In January 2015, there was a five-person panel community presentation addressing responses to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. There was also a five-person panel at MOPA's 2015 annual conference addressing community-based intervention for Ferguson. This year, there was a four-person panel presentation on cultural competence, “Promoting Healthy Community Based Recovery: The Impact of Social Determinates on Mental Health and Implications for Psychological Treatment.” For the past three years, we have increased in diverse presenters at the MOPA annual conference. In addition, we have submitted articles to MOPA's newsletter related to diversity issues. We have a training planned for fall 2016, “Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards,” which will be conducted by Vetta Sanders-Thompson, PhD.


Our committee continues ongoing communication with the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) Executive Board via monthly reports and executive board meetings. We would like to develop a formal process of diversity mentorship between graduate students and psychologists as a service the Diversity Committee can provide for our graduate students. We have approximately 30 graduate students in our membership, including an APAGS representative and two graduate student representatives—one from each institution. We will continue to increase the Diversity Committee's involvement with other NPA committees to infuse the discussion of diversity issues in all aspects of NPA. It is the goal of the Diversity Committee to collaborate closely with the Early Career Psychologists, Legislative, Public Education and Continuing Education committees to heighten multicultural awareness when examining legislative issues and continue increasing the quality of culturally relevant material presented during public education campaigns and continuing education workshops. The Diversity Committee is also in the process of revising our mission statement to more closely reflect our accomplishments, while also solidifying our vision for the future of the NPA Diversity Committee.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Psychological Association's Diversity Committee members continued to recruit, sponsor and mentor graduate students to become active members of our state association by participating in all aspects of the committee. We continued to write articles regarding multicultural topics for the association newsletter. We provided continuing education regarding diversity issues and reviewed student posters at the association's undergraduate conference. We invited psychologists and anyone interested to participate in community activities focused on diversity. For example, we attended a local documentary film festival, watching “Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise.” Thereafter, attendees had dinner and discussion about the film at a nearby restaurant. We continued to brainstorm ideas of how to increase our association's diversity in membership, leadership and service to our communities.


The Ohio Psychological Association held its annual convention in Columbus on April 28-30, 2016. The theme was “Future Frontiers of Psychology.” Jana Martin, PhD, was the keynote speaker. Twenty-four workshops were offered over the three days. Most popular were “LGBT + Strengths: The Positive Psychology of Sexual and Gender Minorities”; “Black Lives Matter: Afrocentric Interventions Buffering the Impact of Contemporary Racism”; “Practice of Psychology 101 & 102”; “Developing Psychologists as Diverse and Adaptive Leaders: A Leadership Workshop”; and State Board of Psychology Rules for Professional Conduct Update.”


The Oklahoma Psychological Association's (OPA) Diversity Division was formally established in January 2016 after successfully petitioning OPA's membership. The Diversity Division played an integral part of last year's OPA annual conference, and this year we are working with the conference committee to offer a multicultural competency workshop. We have been collecting a bibliography of diversity related resources that we plan to share soon to help inform our practices. The Diversity Division hosted a difficult dialogue session on the topic of microaggressions along with the Early Career Psychologists Committee. We will be hosting another session in a different part of the state this summer. We were able to sponsor this event and provide free CEU credit. Last of all, we are planning an outreach/volunteer activity this summer and look forward to giving back to our community. We are off to a great 2016 and eager to continue to promote our mission and work towards collective goals.


The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) Diversity Committee is pleased to be maintaining its position as a strong and active committee. The committee continues to add new members including student members, who are active and passionate members. Our members are ethnically, regionally, religiously and professionally diverse. Recently, members of the Diversity Committee were actively involved in passing legislation to mandate health professionals receiving cultural competence continuing education credits (CE). This is the first year the requirement is taking effect. The Diversity Committee is now turning its efforts toward being involved in the requirements of the CEs and in planning and preparing for trainings that offer this CE requirement. As always the Diversity Committee is active in presenting at the annual OPA conference and presented with a panel discussion on aging clients and aging providers. We take part in the Portland Pride Parade each year as a commitment to serving as allies to the LGBTQ community. We also offer a peer consultation service to member psychologists.