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Early Career Psychology Update

Highlighting Dawn Huber, PhD, a Missouri ECP.

By Eric Russ, PhD

2017-07-focus-russAs the SPTA representative for the APA's Committee on Early Career Psychologists (ECP), I lead the ECP track at APA's Practice Leadership Conference (PLC) in March. We had an amazing group of psychologists from across the country sharing ideas about engaging ECPs in their SPTAs. I appreciate Div. 31's support of ECPs and opportunity to highlight an ECP member in this newsletter.

This quarter, we highlight Dawn Huber, PhD, an ECP delegate at the 2017 PLC, and integrated care chair of the Missouri Psychological Association. I really appreciate Dr. Huber sharing the news from Missouri and all the work that Missouri ECPs put into their state association. We look forward to more great things in the future.

Missouri is a great place to be an early career psychologist

2017-07-focus-huberThe Missouri Psychological Association (MOPA) has claimed multiple recent legislative victories on issues significantly benefitting ECPs including reimbursement for health and behavior CPT codes, as well as postdoc restructuring in accordance with the APA Model Licensure Act. ECPs are actively engaged in advocacy and we had a strong contingent of trainees and ECPs at our annual State Legislative Advocacy Day in March.

In addition to ECPs in other board positions, MOPA has a dedicated ECP committee and we are thrilled to welcome an ECP, Brittany Pratt, PsyD, as chair. As I transition to other leadership roles, I will continue to work with Dr. Pratt as she leads the charge to continue and improve upon MOPA's commitment to ECP engagement.

MOPA has consistently nominated rising stars to serve as ECP delegates to the PLC. The past two delegates have gone on to serve as MOPA president and I am proud to continue this tradition as president-elect-elect. At our recent conference (#MOPA2017), the MOPA PLC delegation presented a panel discussion on PLC and federal advocacy including a focus on the ECP track and support for ECPs from APA and the APA Practice Organization.

At #MOPA2017, we had a designated lunch event for ECPs and trainees with over 20 in attendance. During the event, board members circulated to introduce themselves and ask how MOPA can better address the needs of ECPs and trainees. Many trainees and ECPs attended the conference for the first time. This year, through individual and organizational sponsorships, we were able to fund five trainees to attend the conference. We hope to build on this success and offer one or more ECP awards next year to cover both registration and lodging. We also continue to cultivate trainee and ECP conference participation. For example, our integrated healthcare committee panel highlighted three ECPs in addition to two later-career psychologists.