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Sally R. Cameron Awarded 2017 Presidential Citation

APA presidential citations recognize outstanding psychologists from all branches of the discipline.

Sally R. Cameron was awarded a presidential citation for being an exemplar of innovation, collaborative leadership, coalition building and genuine caring for her fellow human beings.

Since 1981, in her role as executive director of the North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA), Cameron has served with distinction at NCPA, APA, with psychological practitioners and consumers of psychological health care services. She has been a mentor to many and a collaborator to all.

Cameron has been a true innovator in her collaboration with volunteer leadership at NCPA. Among her many accomplishments is the creation of an insurance SWAT team of psychologists and other professionals who respond rapidly to problems with reimbursement encountered by members. The joint professional insurance task force is made of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and mental health nurses and clearly demonstrates Cameron's skill in coalition building. The North Carolina Psychological Foundation—of which she is also executive director and founder—has implemented a number of initiatives, including leading the efforts of the North Carolina Disaster Response Network, and a first-of-its-kind undergraduate psychology conference.

Cameron is respected throughout the state for her expertise in public policy surrounding professional practice and behavioral health services. Her reputation among state officials and legislators is impeccable, and she is trusted to give them the straight story. Cameron supports the work of volunteers, but really, she has been a mentor to many who have been leaders at the state and national levels in advocacy for the profession.

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