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Humanistic psychologists are oriented toward systematically promoting psychological development and growth and supporting the creative and self-initiated efforts of individuals, families, and communities. Psychological development includes the development of greater capacities for self-understanding, understanding of others, and understanding of relationships; clarification and development of values and life goals; development of a greater capacity for deep experiencing; the strengthening of relational bonds; the promotion of an environment of mutual care and empathy; development of a greater sense of personal freedom and choice while respecting rights and needs of others as well as the limits imposed by reality; and the strengthening of individual, relational, and group agency.

In the science and profession of psychology, humanistic psychologists are dedicated to understanding and appreciating people holistically, phenomenologically, and systemically; as continually evolving; and as uniquely situated in their intersecting sociocultural and eco-psycho-spiritual contexts. We assume that optimally-functioning people are consciously aware, responsibly free to make choices in accordance with their values, interdependent, goal-directed, meaning-making, and creative in relation to their experience.

Div. 32 hosts an annual conference, which includes continuing education (CE) opportunities.

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The Humanistic Psychologist

hp-journal-cover The Humanistic Psychologist is the is devoted to reflective inquiry into humanistic psychologies.

The journal The Humanistic Psychologist publishes qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research as well as humanistic, existential, constructivist and transpersonal theories and psychotherapies. The journal welcomes phenomenological, hermeneutic, critical, feminist and multicultural perspectives.

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Div. 32 president

Gina Belton

President Gina Belton

Gina Subia Belton, PhD, is core faculty in the Mind-Body Medicine Program and coordinator for the Contemplative End of Life Care Specialization at Saybrook University.


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