Charlotte and Karl Bühler Award


Sponsor: Division 32


This Division 32 Heritage Award is given to an institution, and an individual associated with an institution, that has made an outstanding and lasting contribution to humanistic psychology.


Candidates must be nominated by a member of Div. 32.

Nominations for the Heritage Awards will be considered with the following:

  • Two brief paragraphs explaining who the institution is and why they should receive an award

  • Contact information for the nominated recipient (address, telephone, email)

  • A recent curriculum vitae for the recipient

  • A link to the website of the institution

How to Apply

Nominations for the Heritage Awards are due by email to Susan Gordon, Awards Chair, from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1 annually.

Past Recipients

2016: Existential Humanistic Institute (EHI), Nader R. Shabahangi
2015: Animals and Society Institute, Kenneth Joel Shapiro
2014: University of Dallas, Department of Psychology, Scott Churchill
2013: Zhi Mian Institute for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Nanjing, China, Wang Xuefu, founder
2012: Istituto dell’Approccio Centrato sulla Persona, Rome, Italy, Alberto Zucconi, president/co-founder
2011: Common Bond Institute, Founding director, Steve S. Olweean, founder
2010: University of Strathclyde, Department of Counselling, David Mearns, founder
2009: York University Psychology Department, David Rennie, professor emeritus
2002: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Robert Frager, founder and professor
2000: The Focusing Institute and Eugene Gendlin, founder
1998: The University of Florida Psychology Department, Arthur W. Combs
1997: The Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, Amedeo Giorgi, founder
1995: Duquesne University Psychology Department, David Smith, former chair
1994: Sonoma State University Psychology Department, Art Warmoth
1993: West Georgia College; State University of West Georgia Psychology Dept., Myron Arons
1992: Saybrook Graduate School, Stanley Krippner
1991: Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Thomas Greening, editor