Carmi Harari Early and Mid-Career Awards

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The Div. 32 Carmi Early and Mid-Career Awards are given for contributions in the areas of inquiry, application and social action. The Div. 32 Early Career Award is given to psychologists, no more than 10 years after receiving their PhD. The Div. 32 Mid-Career Award is given to psychologists, 10-20 years after receiving their PhD.

Inquiry: Awards cover the range of in-depth inquiry, research, and new discoveries and theoretical insights using a broad range of qualitative, quantitative, and integrative methods. Please include a statement that describes the following in your 2-page letter of nomination for this award: 1) General themes of the nominee’s inquiry, 2) Important theoretical contributions usually attributed to the nominee’s inquiry, 3) Research findings usually attributed to the nominee’s research and inquiry, and 4) To what extent the nominee’s work has generated research in the psychological field.

Application: Awards are given to a psychologist, or a team of psychologists, whose innovative applications in the area of psychological practice and education include, but are not limited to: assessment, consultation, instruction, intervention, and prevention. The original development of procedures, methodologies or technical skills that significantly improve the application of psychological knowledge providing direct and immediate solutions to actualizing the full human potential will be considered; as well as research informing psychologists how to better observe, define, and actualize the human spirit.

Social Action: Awards are given to psychologists or teams of psychologists who have provided outstanding services to communities or clients from groups, which might include, but are not limited to: urban inner cities, rural, refugees, minority populations, those affected by war, violence or social inequities. Contributions may be judged or distinguished by virtue of peer recognition, advancement of the public’s recognition of psychology as a profession, relevant professional associations, and honors or other meritorious accomplishments denoting excellence as a practitioner; including the improvement of delivery systems to the public or the development of psychologically informed public policy.

Contact Theopia Jackson or the current Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP) president for more information about nominations.

How to Apply

Nominations for the Early and Mid-Career Awards will be considered with the following:

  • A statement in support of the worthiness of the nominee (two pages).

  • A recent curriculum vitae.

  • A recent complete bibliography.

  • A statement of presentations; with no more than five reprints or abstracts of presentations.

Board Selection Procedure for Early and Mid-Career Awards: A slate of awardees will be submitted to the board at the winter meeting (or by email prior to this meeting) for acceptance or rejection. The current president will appoint a committee of three past Div. 32 presidents. The committee will name specific nominees; one or none for each award. Up to three awards may be made in any year. Awards will follow the same time sequence; selection shall be made one and a half years before the award is given.

Contact Theopia Jackson or the current Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP) president for more information about nominations.

Past Recipients
Carmi Harari Early Career Award


Sarah Kamens


Zeno Franco


Nathaniel Granger, Jr.


Glen Hartelius


Todd DuBose


Rhonda N. Goldman


Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White


Alan Pope


Mark E. Koltko-Rivera


Brent Dean Robbins


Jonathan D. Raskin


Douglas McDonald


Heidi Levitt

Carmi Harari Mid-Career Award


Robert McInerney


Sara K. Bridges


Mick Cooper

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