Sidney M. Jourard Student Award Symposium

Sponsor: Division 32


Deadline: For submission to the annual division conference. 

All submissions for the Jourard Award will be featured posters at the Div. 32 poster session at the annual division conference.

Please note that the Jourard is aimed to honor work that is near completion, rather than work that is at the proposal stage. Work already completed is perfectly appropriate to submit for consideration, as long as the research has not been previously published or presented at another national or regional conference, and as long as you are still a student in the year of the convention.

Contact Theopia Jackson or the current Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP) president for more information about nominations.

Past Recipients
  • Shannon Roberson, MA - Virginia Commonwealth University
    "Preliminary Results for Differences in Violence Based on Gender in Assassinations of Eco-Martyrs"

  • Monica Lawson, BA - Saint Michael’s College
    "Open Dialogue as the Embodiment of Human Science Based Practice"
  • Patricia Perryman, MA - Saybrook University
    “The Blue Poppy: C. G Jung on Combat-Related PTSD"
  • Linda D. Theis, PhD - Walden University
    “Enculturation and Posttraumatic Growth in Native Americans”

  • Mindy B. Atkin, PhD - Saybrook University
    “Creativity, Psychopathy and Healing: A Resilient Response?”
  • Katherine J. Hayes, BA - Miami University
    “What then is Your Myth? Creative Nonfiction, Jung’s Red Book, and Healing outside Therapy?”

  • Sarah R. Kamens, MA - Fordham University
    “Phenomenological Approaches to Psychiatric Discourse: The DSM-V Controversies”

  • Bojun Hu, MA - Fordham University
    “Significant Personal Change: A Phenomenological Understanding”
  • Lauren A. McCormick, MA, MSW - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “The Personal Self, No-self, Self Continuum: An Intuitive Inquiry and Grounded Theory Study of the Experience of No-self as Integrated Stages of Consciousness toward Enlightenment”
  • Natalie N. Watson, BA - University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign
    “Phenomenological Analysis of Black-Woman Identity”
  • Yun-Jy Yeh, MEd - Penn State University Park
    “Effects of Therapist Self-Disclosure of Countertransference on Therapy Process”
  • Carrie Feuer, MS - Saybrook Graduate School
    “Transpersonal Psychology and the Usefulness of Multimethod Research

  • Lyssabeth Mattoon, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Faith and Fear in Times of War”
  • Jeb G. Jungwirth, MA - Duquesne University
    “Incomplete Stories: Narrative, Hermeneutics, and Dilemmas of Identity in American Society”
  • Alexandra L. Adame, MA - Miami University (Ohio)
    “Negotiating Discourses: How Psychiatric Survivor-Therapists Construe Their Dialogical Identities”

  • Crystal Marie Famalette, BA - University of Dallas
    “Meaning of a Son’s Diagnosis of Autism: A Mother’s View”
  • Miraj U. Desai, MA - Fordham University
    “Noble Struggles: An Existential-Humanistic Understanding of Mental Disorders”

  • Angela H. Pfaffenberger, PhD - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
    “Optimal Adult Development: A Need for Reassessment”
  • Christina Caro, MS, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Entering the Abyss: A Heuristic Self-search and Organic Inquiry into the Experience and Transformational Potential of Existential Grief”
  • Rune Moelbak, MA, MS - Duquesne University
    “Meaning and Memory: A Heideggerian Analysis of Children’s First Memories”
  • Marilyn Austin, BA - University of Dallas
    “Transforming One’s World: Understanding Anger as Active”

  • Sarah L. Burdge, MA, BS - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Spirituality and Peace Activism: A Phenomenological Inquiry in Israel”
  • Danielle W. Van Deventer, PhD - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Transformational Volunteerism: Exploring Service as an Integral Component of Transpersonal Psychology”
  • Donald Edmondson, BA - University of Connecticut
    “Cancer Survivorship as Mortality Salience: Terror Management and Existential Well-Being”
  • Rachael E. Mueller, BA - University of Dallas
    “Phenomenological Inquiry into the Meanings of Feeling Fully Alive”

  • Scott M. Kiser, MA - Saybrook Graduate School
    “Existential Case Study of Madness: Encounters with Division Affliction”
  • David M. Myers, MA - Pennsylvania State University
    “Therapist Self-Disclosure of Countertransference: Necessity or Indulgence?”
  • James L. Yu, MA - Duquesne University
    “Phenomenological Reflections on Infant Research”
  • Masum Momaya, MEd - Harvard University, School of Education
    “Methodological Reflections on Researching Embodied Experience with Women Activists”

  • Mark D. Forman (Fishelman), PhD - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Applied Wilberian Theory: A Model of Integral Psychotherapy with Case Studies”
  • Angela H. Pfaffenberger, MA - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
    “Optimal Adult Development: An Inquiry into the Dynamics of Growth”
  • Deah Curry, PhD - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
    “Healing Presence Experiencing the Medicine of the Client-Clinician Relationship”
  • Peter Addy, BA - Goucher College
    “Neurochemistry and the Collective Unconscious: We Are All Connected”
  • Richard F. Hill, PhD (Honorable Mention) - Institute for Transpersonal Psychology
    “Mountains and Mysticism: Climbing in Thin Air and Transformation”
  • Ryan A. Rominger, PhD (Honorable Mention) - Institute for Transpersonal Psychology
    “Exploring the Integration of the Aftereffects of the Near-Death Experience: An Intuitive and Artistic Inquiry”

  • William G. Kueppers, BS - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “The Practice and Dynamics of Authenticity: An Organic Research Study”
  • James D. Pappas, PhD - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
    “Construct Validity Study of Self Effectiveness: A Multimethod Approach”
  • Brittney Beck, MA - Seattle University
    “You’ll Never Cross: An Existential Phenomenological Study of Worry”
  • Melissa J. Klein, BA - University of Toledo
    “Client Accounts of Personal Change in Process-Experiential Therapy”

  • Victor Barbetti, MA - Duquesne University
    “A Historical Phenomenology of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”
  • Jay P. Dufrechou, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Coming Home to Nature through the Body: An Intuitive Inquiry into Experiences of Grief, Weeping, and Other Deep Emotions in Response to Nature”
  • Amberley R. Panepinto, MA - Miami University
    “Similarity and Attraction in the Diagnostic Process”
  • Natalie C. Paul, MA - Immaculata College
    “Reconceptualizing Tobacco Abuse: Understanding a Way of Being”

  • Georgios K. Lampropoulos, MA - Ball State University
    “The Place of Humanistic Psychology in Psychotherapy Integration”
  • Brent Dean Robbins, MA - Duquesne University
    “Being Joyful: An Empirical, Phenomenological Study”
  • Ingrid Sell, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Third Gender: A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Individuals who Identify as Being Neither Man nor Woman”
  • Marti Southam, PhD - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
    “The Use of Humor by Occupational Therapists to Promote Adaptation in their Adult Clients with Physical Disabilities”

  • Beate Friedeberg, MA - Saybrook Institute
    “Toward a Collaborative Phenomenological Method for Psychology as Human Science”
  • Helen Krieger, BA - University of Dallas
    “Gender Differences in the Experience of Sexual Guilt: Projects and the Ideal Self”
  • Caryl Göpfert, PhD - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Student Experience of Betrayal in the Teacher/Student Relationship in Zen Buddhism”
  • Barbara Stefik (Viglizzo), BA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga Four Foundations on Waking Life Awareness and Dreams”

  • Denise Marie Hunter, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Weaving the Fabric of Culture: The Emergence of Personal and Collective Wisdom in Young Adults Participating in a Wilderness Rite of Passage”
  • Shawn H. Katz, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Healing the Father-Son Relationship: A Qualitative Inquiry into Adult Reconciliation”
  • Belinda S. L. Khong, PhD - Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
    “Coping with Change: The Buddhist Response”

  • Samantha Dowdall, PhD - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Roots of the Spirit: Interrelationships among Ecological Actions and Attitudes, Nature-related Exceptional Human Experiences, Spirituality, and Well-being”
  • Genie Palmer (Jean Harbin), MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Disclosure and Assimilation of Exceptional Human Experiences: Meaningful, Transformative, and Spiritual Aspects”
  • Jean Schellenberg, MA - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    “Transpersonal Experiences and Practices of Women who are Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse”
  • Virginia Maril, MA - University of Dallas
    “When Does Behavior Become Meaningful?”

  • Liz McGough, MA - University of Detroit Mercy
    “What is the Experience of Grieving Multiple and On-going Loss due to HIV/AIDS?”
  • Robert M. Kenney, MA - Saybrook Institute
    “Creative Collaboration and Human Development: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of the Parts?”

  • Andrew Joseph, PhD - Saybrook Institute
    “Exchanging Self for Other: A Buddhist-inspired Clinical Training Program”
  • Patricia Lassak, PsyD - Widener University
    “Looking at the Psychotherapeutic Relationship for a Mentorship”
  • Jennifer Rudak, PhD - University of Dallas
    “Reconciliation of the Ideal and Real in Loving Relationships”
  • Kira L. Casto, PhD and Robert Tartz, PhD - Saybrook Institute; California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
    “Identification of Spiritual Content in Dream Reports”

  • Ruth Crocker, MS - Saybrook Institute
    “Georgia O’Keefe: Painting a Life”
  • David T. Hartman, MA - Saybrook Institute
    “From Idol to Ion: Redefining Certain Religious Terms”
  • Robert M. Kenny, MBA - Saybrook Institute
    “Maturation, Psychospiritual Development, and Scott Peck’s Community-Building Model: A Critique”
  • Mark T. Sammons, MA - Teacher’s College
    “Rousseau, Levinson, and Benjamin: Domination, Dependency, and the Politic of Authenticity”

  • Jonathan D. Raskin, MA - University of Florida
    “On Ethics in Personal Construct Theory”
  • Patricia Price, MS - Saybrook Institute
    “The Experience of making a decision to Pursue Treatment for Infertility: A Phenomenological Psychological Analysis”
Date created: 2014