The executive board includes 14 elected and voting members plus two appointed students who do not vote. A description of the board's responsibilities can be found in the Society Bylaws. A second leadership group consists of the appointees, including chairs of standing committees.

Div. 32 Executive Board

Committee Chairs

Task Forces

  • Hate Crimes/Safe Spaces: Sarah Kamens, Roxanne Christensen

  • Community Relations: Kevin Keenan

  • Women’s Task Force: Gina Belton

  • Exploring Humanistic Psychology’s Roots in Mindfulness: Drake Spaeth, Donna Rockwell

  • Diagnostic Dialogues: Sarah Kamens

  • Humanistic-Relational Reform of the Criteria for APA Approved Clinical Graduate Training: Shawn Rubin, Scott Churchill, Erik Craig, John Norcross, Jim Lichtenberg, Stanley Messer, Robert Stolorow, Ilene Serlin, Brent Robbins

Last updated: August 2020Date created: June 2011
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