There are 8 standing committees in Division 32. The President appoints Chairs of these committees. Except as detailed below, the President appoints members of the standing committees upon the recommendation of the Chairs. Members of temporary committees can be appointed directly by the President.

Active Committees

  • Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee is responsible for gathering groups of nominees for the established divisional awards as well as channel suggestions for additional awards.

  • Continuing Education Committee
    The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for promoting, fostering, and maintaining a series of Divisional workshops, courses, and other approved events offering Continuing Education credits.

  • Election Committee
    The Election Committee is responsible for solititing a slate of nominations for Divisional officers, members-at-large of the Executive Committee and APA Council Representative(s).

  • Fellows Committee
    The Fellows Committee is responsible for evaluating all applications for initial nomination for Fellow of the division and shall recommend those it approves to the Membership Committee of the American Psychological Association.

  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee oversees the financial health of the Division.

  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee is charged with launching membership drives, recruiting new members, maintaining accurate records of the membership, and providing oversight of the student membership committee.

  • Program Committee
    The Program Committee is responsible for issuing the call for participation in special programs specifically of interest to the Executive Committee.

  • Publications Committee
    The Publications Committee oversees the division publications such as the divsion newsletter and serves as a bridge between the editors and the division governance.

Date created: 2011
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