Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee shall evaluate all applications for initial nomination for Fellow of the Division of Humanistic Psychology and shall recommend those it approves to the Membership Committee of the American Psychological Association. It shall also be responsible for awarding Divisional Fellowship in the case of applicants who are already Fellows in the American Psychological Association.
The Fellows Committee consists of a Chair who holds Division 32 Fellow status and six Fellows of the Division. In addition, the Committee will have three alternates. An alternate will serve on the Committee in the event that a member of the committee cannot serve to review a particular application. The Fellows Committee shall accept nominations (including self-nominations) for Fellow status in the Division and the American Psychological Association. A heavy majority of yea votes (a simple majority plus one) is needed for the application to be forwarded to the membership committee of the American Psychological Association. The latter committee is charged to submit applications it approves for confirmation by the Council of Representatives.
Individuals who are already Fellows of the American Psychological Association, after being a member of the Division for at least one year, may apply for divisional fellowship. A heavy majority (a simple majority plus one) allows the Fellows Committee to recommend the applicant for final confirmation.
The most recent publication of standards by the American Psychological Association and the Fellows Committee of the Division can provide criteria for fellowship. Because members of the Fellows Committee are required to act as judges of nominees, it would be inappropriate for them to act as endorsers of applicants. This stipulation in no way bars members from endorsing nominees for Fellow in other divisions of the American Psychological Association.
The chair of the Fellows Committee shall be appointed from among those who have served (or are presently serving) on the Fellows Committee. The President shall appoint the chair for a four-year term, with the possibility of re-appointment to a second four-year term. The President-elect, in conjunction with the Executive Board, shall appoint two members and one alternate member of the Fellows Committee. Members of the Fellows Committee may not be appointed to succeed themselves.
Officers of the division are expected to resign from the Fellows Committee upon their election. Likewise, any member will be expected to recuse him/herself if that person feels a conflict of interest exists. Alternates will serve in the place of regular members when such conflict of interest is established. In those rare cases when a conflict exists with more than three members, then the Chair, shall, in consultation with the President, appoint additional Fellows to serve as Fellows Committee members during the deliberations of the case in question. If the chair feels that that there is a conflict of interest involving him or her, the chair will ask the President to ask another member of the board to serve as interim chair.
The decisions of the Fellows Committee are final. The Fellows Committee does not have an appeals procedure. Unsuccessful candidates may be encouraged to reapply the following year.


Chris Mruk, PhD, Co-Chair
Div. 32 Fellows Committee
Telephone: 419-433-5560 x20612