Program Committee

The Program Committee shall consist of the Program Chair, Past Chair, Chair-Elect, and Hospitality Suite Chair. The President-elect, upon assuming office, shall appoint the Chair-Elect. The Chair shall take office at the beginning of the President’s term while the Past Chair’s tenure shall parallel the immediate Past-President’s term. The Program Chair shall issue the Call for Participation for programs, which appears in the American Psychological Association’s official announcement. The Chair shall be responsible for developing any theme(s) and may, in conjunction with the President and the Executive Board, invite speakers and other participants. The Chair, Chair-Elect, and Past-Chair shall each have a vote in the selection of programs and speakers, with the exception of those speakers or special programs specifically desired by the Executive Committee.
The Hospitality Suite Chair, in conjunction with the Program Chair, is charged with seeking appropriate space in the convention hotel in which the majority of the Division 32 Program is scheduled, organize a program suitable for the informal ambiance of a “living room,” and schedule time for social events and Divisional, Section, and/or Sponsor hours.

Committee Members

  • Co-chairs:  Ed Mendelowitz, Jason Peng

Spring 2011 newsletter