The executive board includes 14 elected and voting members plus two appointed students who do not vote. A description of the board's responsibilities can be found in the Society Bylaws. A second leadership group consists of the appointees, including chairs of standing committees.

Div. 32 Executive Board

  • President: Nathaniel Granger, Jr. (2018)
  • President-Elect: Drake Spaeth (2018)
  • Past President: Donna Rockwell (2018)
  • Secretary: Veronica Lac (2018)
  • Treasurer: Kevin Keenan (2018) 
  • APA Council Representative: Scott Churchill, Brent Robbins (2018)
  • APA Council Representative: Brent Robbins (2019)
  • Student Representative: Paul Johnson, Jacob Tengelsen (2019)
  • Member-at-Large: Lisa Vallejos (2020)
  • Member-at-Large: Gina Belton (2018)
  • Member-at-Large: Trisha Nash (2018)
  • Member-at-Large: Drake Spaeth (2018)
  • Member-at-Large: Theopia Jackson (2019)
  • Member-at-Large: Sarah Kamens (2019)
  • Newsletter Editor: Justin Karter 
  • Newsletter Editor: Andrew Bland 

Committee Chairs

  • Annual Conference: Brent Robbins, Ian Wickramasekera, Frances Kaklauskas, Louis Hoffman

  • Awards Committee: Veronica Lac

  • Bylaws: Brent Robbins

  • CE Committee: Brian Hanna

  • Election Committee: Shawn Rubin

  • Fellows Committee: Diane Blau

  • Finance Committee: Kevin Keenan

  • Fundraising Committee: Brent Robbins and Kevin Kennan

  • Membership Committee: Trish Nash

  • Program Committee: Monica Mansilla, Lisa Vallejos, Justin Underwood

  • Hospitality Suite Chair: Drake Spaeth

  • Publication Committee: Kirk Schneider, Shawn Rubin, Kevin Keenan, Donna Rockwell

    • THP Editor: Scott Churchill

    • Newsletter/Website/SHP TV Editors: Barbara Annunziato, Justin Karter

  • CIRP Liaison: Susan Gordon

  • Division of Social Justice Liaison: Scott Churchill

Task Forces

  • Human Dignity and Humanistic Values (Brent Robbins and Amanda Lowe)
  • Advancement of Humanistic Research (Brent Robbins and Paul Wong)
  • Developing Humanistic Alternatives to Psychological Diagnoses (Sarah Kamens, Frank Farley, Brent Robbins)
  • Diversity Task Force (Louis Hoffman, Nathaniel Granger, David St. John, Gina Belton)
  • Task Force on the Humanistic-Relational Reform of the Criteria for APA-Approved Clinical 6. Graduate Training (Kirk Schneider, Shawn Rubin, Diane Blau, Scott Churchill, Erik Craig, John Norcross, Jim Lichtenberg, Stanley Messer, Robert Stolorow, Bruce Wampold, Ilene Serlin, et al)
  • The Experiential Democracy Project for the Reform of Legislative Proceedings (Kirk Shcneider, Shawn Rubin, Lisa Vallejos, David St. John, Rhonda McGee, Robert Kramer, Nathaniel Granger, Roger Broome, Louis Hoffman, Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman)
  • Hate Crime Task Force/Safe Spaces (Roxanne Christiansen, Louis Hoffman, Dave Elkins, Nathaniel Granger, Shawn Rubin, Justin Underwood)
  • Women in Humanistic Psychology (Donna Rockwell and Lisa Vallejos)
  • Community Relations (Shawn Rubin and Lisa Vallejos)