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Electronic Communications

There are many electronic ways to stay in touch with the Society for Humanistic Psychology.

Society Newsletter

Our newsletter is now edited by Shawn Rubin and will include regular features by Mark Stern, Ed Mendelowitz, and other contributing members. Members will also be able to use the newsletter to link to a new Division 32 Discussion Board, the new Division 32 Blog, the Division 32 Announcements Listserv®, and the main Division website. The Newsletter is currently undergoing creative enhancement including new features and opportunities for members to make announcements and share their own activities, projects and news.

Email Listserv®

The function of the current email Listserv will be replaced by the new Discussion Board, which again, will retain all functions with a much wider range of options that will meet the diverse needs of many other members.

Discussion Board

The Society Discussion Board will afford our members a broad, exciting range of previously unavailable options to engage in dialogue with one another.

Society Blog

Our Blog publishes 4-7 days per week with current topics of humanistic interest to both the Division 32 Membership and to the general public. Brent Dean Robbins is Editor of the Blog and invites Members to help contribute regularly to the Blog. If you are interested, please contact Brent Dean Robbins.


The Society for Humanistic Psychology has a Facebook Group!


Follow the events of Division 32 at Twitter.

Date created: 2011

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