Discussion Board

The Division 32 Discussion Board will afford our members a broad, exciting range of previously unavailable options to engage in dialogue with one another. For those who currently enjoy receiving and replying to all the emails of the Listserv®, the Discussion Board will preserve this feature, with some additional improvements. For members who do not wish to receive all emails from the list, the Discussion Board will afford several options: They can receive a single email per day with a summary of all posts within the past 24 hours, or they can at any time read and respond to posts at the Discussion Board website.

More importantly, this Discussion Board technology permits the Division to create separate topics, each with its own email list, so that individual members can become selectively involved in as many or as few strands of Division communications as they choose, in accordance with their available time and interests. We believe this will facilitate greater member participation and satisfaction.

Joining the new Discussion Board is easy. Simply click on “Sign In” at the top of the page, create your own username and password, and then, if you wish, subscribe to the emails for each topic of interest to you. If you need assistance, you may contact Brent Dean Robbins, the group moderator. This new technology will cost the Division a small annual fee, which the Board has factored into the annual budget.

Members should be aware that rules and regulations for posting as well as the procedures for exclusion from membership, as established for our current Listserv, will be applicable to the Discussion Board. They will be posted prominently and will be updated periodically.