Email Announcement Listserv®

The function of the current Listserv® will be replaced by the new Discussion Board, which again, will retain all functions with a much wider range of options that will meet the diverse needs of many other members. The Division will continue to offer a Listserv, though with the sole purpose of disseminating to members important announcements of division business from the Executive Committee. The present communication is the first one issued through this new Division 32 Announcements Listserv,, which will be moderated by Keith Cooke of APA Division Services. In this way the Executive Committee will keep our members informed of relevant announcements. Because communication through this Listserv will be of broad interest, all division members have initially been included on this list. Although procedures for members to remove themselves will be readily available, we encourage all members to remain on the Listserv in order to receive the significant and infrequent communication from the Executive Committee. This service is an important new component of our divisional communication structure that supplements the website, newsletter, discussion board, and blog.

Please note that, according to APA Division Services, the archives of the former Listserv,, have been made available on the new Division 32 Announcements Listserv, in order to continue to provide members access to that resource.

Please note that as an announcements Listserv, this service has no capability for subscribers to reply to messages or to post messages on it. Division members who would like convey their own announcements, such as new books/publications, workshops, conferences, education programs, personal honors, job opportunities, and so on to the membership can request postings in the Division 32 Electronic Newsletter, edited by Shawn Rubin.