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The Div. 32 Fellows Committee, chaired by Chris Mruk, invites nominations for new fellows of the division. Those who can demonstrate that their work has made a demonstrable impact of a national/international scope on the field of psychology in general and in the field of humanistic psychology in particular are very welcome to apply. We extend this invitation to both those who have fellow status in another division (current fellows) and to those who will be first time applicants (new fellows). Self-nominations are welcome. The Div. 32 deadline for receiving completed applications is Dec. 15, 2020

Division details (PDF, 9.3KB) and APA details can both be found online. Additional help for the mechanics of the application process, including detailed information for how to submit an online application as well as and how to get endorsers to fill out forms online, can be found at APA’s Instructions for Applicants (PDF, 846KB). Note that you need three endorsers who are fellows of the APA. However, only two of them must be members of Div. 32. The division and APA provide detailed guidelines on how you need to demonstrate that you meet the APA requirements.

The process might seem somewhat daunting, as APA rejects very qualified people who do not follow its guidelines for demonstrating that they are indeed qualified. However, APA and the division are also genuinely interested in welcoming new fellows to the fold. We will do our best to assist you as well. 


Chris Mruk, PhD (email)
Professor of Psychology
Bowling Green State University
Div. 32 Fellows Committee, Chair
Telephone: (419) 372-0612 or (419) 626-9900

Date created: December 2018