Call for Nominations for Div. 32 Awards

You are invited to nominate a colleague who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of humanistic psychology for an award to be presented by the division at the 126th Annual APA Convention in San Francisco, Aug. 9-12, 2018.

Nominations must be received by Nov. 1.

Carmi Harari Early Career Award

Given to psychologists, no more than 15 years after receiving their PhD, for contribution in the areas of: 1) Inquiry, 2) Application, and 3) Social Action.

Div. 32 Heritage Awards

Heritage Award Procedures

Selection will be completed for the APA meeting 1.5 years in advance to accommodate early programming deadlines and announcements required by APA. An unlimited number of awards of any kind (one per category) can be made in any given year.

  • Awards chair: The chair of the Awards Committee will receive all nominations by Nov. 1. Self nominations are not accepted. The chair will contact nominees to inform them that they have been nominated for an award, explain award procedures and provide a timeline for the process. Nominees will be notified of the Committee and the Board's decision by Feb. 1.

  • Voting: The Awards Committee chair will distribute the top six nominations to the Executive Committee by Dec. 15. The Committee will have one month to discuss nominations and decide on candidates.

  • Final vote: The names of the top six candidates will be brought to the January meeting for discussion and a final vote. Only these names will be considered at the midwinter meeting. The following procedure will be used: Each individual voting board member will have six votes, any of which can be "none of the above" to allow for no award to be granted that year. Nominees with no votes and nominee with the least number of votes will be dropped from the ballot in a given year but may be reconsidered for two consecutive years once they have been nominated.

  • Specification of awards: The board will decide which award will be given to each winner.

  • Requirements of awardees: Awardees must accept the award and give a brief address at the APA Convention (for the year awarded). Under extraordinary circumstances (i.e., medical, death in family) the awardees who cannot attend may send in a paper and have their award accepted in absentia. Division 32 does not reimburse awards recipients for travel and expenses.