The society produces multiple publications including a journal, two newsletters and a blog.


The Humanistic Psychologist® is the official journal publication of the society. Members and affliates of Div. 32 have free online access to the journal's full-text articles through MyAPA.


  • The Society for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter is the official newsletter of Div. 32.

  • Psychotherapy and the Arts is the section newsletter for the Psychotherapy and the Arts Special Interest Group, started over 10 years ago to establish a place for artists who were therapists or therapists who were artists or other from a variety of disciplines who appreciated the healing power of the arts. What started as a grassroots, homemade communication sheet has become an official, fully online newsletter. Most important is our new collaboration with APA's Div. 10 (Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts). Read the full welcome from our editors on our about page.  


The Society for Humanistic Psychology Blog is our official blog.

Recommended Books

The society maintains a list of humanistic psychology-related books.


Div. 32 provides reviews of books, films, journals and other media relevant to the field of humanistic psychology.

Date created: 2011
Spring 2011 newsletter