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Dear Society for Humanistic Psychology Members, Affiliates, Associates and Fellows:

Scott D. Churchill I am writing to you as we enter our third year with APA Journals as publisher of our division journal, The Humanistic Psychologist (THP). APA has significantly expanded the exposure of the journal through its databases and special marketing efforts, and for the first time in our history, we have generated significant royalties (approx. $40,000), from which the division now benefits, through our 50 percent profit share (paid to us in 2017). The Society received a total 2016 royalty payment of $19,711.02

The journal has demonstrated particularly strong performance in terms of electronic access, represented by the electronic licensing revenue and in attracting both APA/division member and institutional subscriptions.

As a complement to print subscriptions, readers can access the journal content electronically through the PsycNET articles database. This allows journal content to be discovered during topical searches, or accessed through a search simply for the journal’s title. The 3,734 institutions that licensed PsycARTICLES in 2016 are based in 70 countries. Our 26 institutional subscribers are an especially robust asset for the journal. But we need the help of all our members to work towards expanding institutional subscribers to all colleges and universities represented by our members. So please check to see if your institution subscribes and let us know if we can reach out to them.

There were 85 submissions in 2016. The editorial lag is the time between manuscript submission and first decision. The average lag of one month is a very good turnaround time.

For an updated view of the most downloaded and cited content through APA’s PsycNET platform, visit the journal snapshot page.

Among our plans moving forward are special issues that will be devoted to (a) a celebration of transpersonal psychology's 50th anniversary year (2018) with a special issue to be guest edited by Rosemarie Anderson, (b) mindfulness and humanistic psychology to be guest edited by Donna Rockwell and (c) a celebration of the women of humanistic psychology spearheaded by myself in dialogue with Donna Rockwell.

We encourage you to help broadcast our call for papers for these special issues by letting your colleagues know about them and asking them to contact me with any suggestions or submissions.

We look forward to continuing to serve Div. 32’s membership in the years to come as your flagship journal.

Scott D. Churchill

Date created: March 2018