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Div. 32 Newsletters

We publish a division newsletter and a special interest group newsletter.

  • The Society for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter 
    This newsletter includes articles from the division's president, vice-president, membership chair and the editors in addition to regular features by Ed Mendelowitz and other contributing members. Members also will be able to use the newsletter to link to a new Div. 32 discussion board, the new Div. 32 blog, the Div. 32 announcements Listserv and the main division website. The newsletter is currently undergoing creative enhancements including new features and opportunities for members to make announcements and share their own activities, projects and news.

  • Psychotherapy and the Arts
    Psychotherapy and the Arts has been the newsletter of the Psychotherapy and the Arts Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Society for Humanistic Psychology. Psychotherapy and the Arts was started over 10 years ago to establish a place for artists who were therapists or therapists who were artists or other from a variety of disciplines who appreciated the healing power of the arts. During the past 10 years, we have had a hard-working group of co-editors (Heather Hill, Larry Graber, Erika Hansen) and shared information about professional accomplishments, resources or upcoming events. We have sponsored events at APA's Annual Convention in the division's hospitality suite and been involved in activities like staging opening and closing rituals at conferences. What started as a grassroots, homemade communication sheet has become an official, fully online newsletter. Most important is our new collaboration with APA's Div. 10 (Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts). Read the full welcome from our editors on our about page.

Date created: 2011
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