Boston Hospitality Suite

The Society honors our beloved Mike (Myron) Arons

By Maureen O'Hara

In Boston we held an important gathering in the Hospitality Suite; a gathering to remember our beloved Mike (Myron) Arons.  The Society honored him by telling stories, sharing memories, and generally celebrating a life well lived and one whose legacy includes the community we all enjoy.  Mike was a strong advocate of using the Hospitality suite to offer those “off-convention” events that were more experiential, less formal and offer us ways of engaging our discipline as whole (and not always buttoned down) persons.  Despite some concerns that the suite may be a luxury we may not be able to afford, Treasurer Sara Bridges and the Board have affirmed the continuation of the Suite in future years. In Toronto the Suite program chair is Christine Farber. Thank you Chris.  More on that later.