Division 32 had a successful conference prior to the APA convention conference in Boston

Many thanks to Brent Robbins, the conference chair, who did an amazing job. Speakers were outstanding and presentations were diverse: experiential, research-oriented, and theoretical. Poster sessions were offered for students. This format brought in many students, who may be more comfortable with poster sessions. Many attendees spoke very highly of the conference. They particularly enjoyed the intensive 3 hour workshops and the opportunities to network with greater personal connection. They also reported that continuity over years, as would be afforded by annual conferences, is important to them. Discussions took place over whether the two conferences should remain together or if they should be decoupled. After looking at the attendance and cost of holding the conference prior to the APA convention in Toronto the board concluded that it would be wiser to decouple the Society’s meeting from the APA convention. The board agreed to ask Louis Hoffman and the University of the Rockies in Colorado to host the next conference in October, 2009. We anticipate a strong program, lower costs and more student involvement.