Membership News

Membership has shown a slight drop of 8-9% since 2007

Steps are being taken to make membership application a more efficient process.  One new initiative will allow individuals to join divisions easily on-line, all automated.  In addition, it will continue to be possible to join the Society without joining APA, and to do so on-line.  This will help our Society’s membership.  We need your help to keep new members coming in and to make sure current members stay engaged. Brent has attempted to target potential members from the International Human Science Conference.  The board discussed the strategy of offering free membership automatically with pre-convention registration.  Also, we need to continue to recruit and retain students.  The Society loses about 150 students every year which is commonly due to students graduating or not being able to afford APA membership. Students are short term members, but it is important to find ways for them to continue as regular members. We rely on our members to help us recruit new members and student members. Let me ask you to talk just one colleague or student to join the society this year.