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Highlights of this month's newsletter

By Shawn Rubin
Members have contributed announcements that will be regularly posted in our new features, Other humanistically related activities, and Member News.
I am particularly pleased to present some fine work by Saybrook University Graduate students Nate Koser on "The Tragic and Transcendent" and Cheryl Fracasso on the value and significance of Student Mentorship in our new Student Spotlight section.  I hope to showcase many more student papers in the future, so please submit and encourage your students to do so as well.
Ed Mendelowitz invites us to continue to participate in the fascinating journey of exploring the depths of the psyche, meaning and experience in his masterful Humanitas piece "Psychology, Science, & the Sea."
As reference for our members, we are posting both the schedule for the Main Society Program at APA San Diego, as well as the Hospitality Suite Program which will be held in the San Diego Marroitt Hotel & Marina.  There will be nearly 3 full days of outstanding presentations by Society members and students in both Programs, including a day-long mini-conference on Saturday August 14th sponsored by National University and John F. Kennedy University in the Hospitality Suite.  Be sure to visit our Social Receptions on both Friday and Saturday evening at the Marriott Hotel & Marina.     
And finally, Membership Chair Richard Bargdill is calling upon members to assist in the growth and development of the Society in our "Join us" section.  Let's continue to encourage the next generation of humanistic psychologists to join our ranks while they are undergraduate and graduate students!
I hope to see you all in San Diego!
Shawn Rubin     
Editor in Chief