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By Richard Bargdill

The goal of any division is to create an environment where members can interact, connect and grow in their commitment towards their division’s particular values.   The job of creating a vibrant community, however, is in large part the responsibility of the entire division community.   Here are three “painless” things we can all do to help our membership grow.
1. Encourage your students to join Division 32. Suggest that “The Society for Humanistic Psychology” is their home now as a student affiliate—the cost is $25 which largely covers the cost of the journal.  They do not need to be a member of APA. This Society is home for Humanists, Existentialists, Transpersonalists, Constructivists, Art Therapists, and many more groups.

2. Suggest the Division to a colleague.  If someone you know has a background or sympathies toward the work we are committed to suggest that person join.  They do not need to be a member of APA. In fact, a professional of any kind (psychology, nursing, layman) can be an Affiliate member for $40.  Even some members have struggled to maintain their APA dues. If they cut ties with the APA, they can continue to be part of our division as an affiliate member.

3. Participate and share info on the Web.  The Society has a website, a Facebook page, a blog, and an online newsletter. One of the best ways to help others gain an interest in what we are doing is to share links. If you find something interesting at one of our sites pass it on to someone who might not be a member. Send it to them in an email if you have to.  Here our some of our web addresses: 

Finally, if you are at the APA conference in San Diego please stop by at our Hospitality Suite that will be located in the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina. This is a great chance to network with board members, fellows, other members, and students of our division. Friday and Saturday there will be a social hour meant to allow everyone to mingle and get to know each other. Also, plan on attending the Division 32 conference that will be held in Chicago in 2011!
Richard Bargdill, PhD
Membership Chair